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Week of February 27, 2017
— Tips of the Week —

(This series is made possible by submissions of various Quilter's Quest 2016 bus riders.)
• Keep two things by your sewing machine — a small flashlight and an extendable magnet for picking up dropped items.
Protect the points of scissors, nippers and tweezers with the silicone caps for knitting needles.
Submitted by Carol Ann F.

— New Arrivals —

"Calling All Nurses" "White Blood Pressure"

Northcott's "Playmats"

Week of February 20, 2017

— Customer Project —

"Flamingo" Wall Hanging
Pieced & Quilted by Judy B.
A Raw Edge Appliqued Quilt

— Tips of the Week —

(This series is made possible by submissions of various Quilter's Quest 2016 bus riders.)
• Use remnants from a finished quilt to trim a bag or pillowcase for the storage of that quilt. 
Unlike plastic, the fabric breathes and the trim lets you know which quilt is in the bag without opening.
Iron and starch fabric before cutting to keep things more accurate.
Make a sampler of your machines decorative stitches (the default setting) as a reference guide to see how they look when stitched out.
Use pieces of card stock or paperboard to wrap remnants. 
This will reduce wrinkling, make them a consistent size and keep them slightly rigid for storage.  Makes it easier to 'file' by color or design.
I made a two layer pad of rug backing (or shelf liner) slightly larger than the machine pedal. 
This keeps the pedal from walking away from you while sewing.
To keep an edge on blades between professional sharpenings, cut through aluminum foil a few times.
Use tissue paper under the foot to sew oilskin or other sticky fabrics if you don't have a Teflon foot.
I save those dry crystals packs that come in vitamin bottles or jerky bags and put them in the bins with my stash.
Submitted by Joyce F. (Part 2 of 2)

— New Arrivals —

  Northcott's "Ocean Tides" & "Toscana"  

Michael Miller's
"Tiny Stitches"
"Eyes on Ewe"

Batiks by Mariah

Fabric Country Classic Cottons'  "Flip Flop Island"


Week of February 13, 2017
— Tips of the Week —

(This series is made possible by submissions of various Quilter's Quest 2016 bus riders.)
Use the luggage tag from KellyAnns to mark your machine when going to classes or retreats • Line a trash can with a fabric bag. Use it to toss scraps from trimming.  When it is full, stitch up the open end and use it as a pillow • Use squares of flannel to organize pieces of blocks. The pieces will stick to the flannel and it is small enough to carry to the machine without having to rearrange them • I keep a thread bag near the machine for thread tails. When it is full, I wad it up and put it on a fence or bush for the birds to use for nest making • Use orphan blocks (or those that didn't turn out quite right) to make pincushions, potholders or mug rugs • Make fabric bowls and boxes to keep odd tools and small supplies near the machine • Make a pad for under the machine to reduce vibration.
Submitted by Joyce F. (Part 1 of 2)

Windham & Anthology Fabrics/Baum Textile's "Candy Land Stripes & Dots"

Robert Kaufman's
"Remix" • "Urban Zoologie" • "Whisper Prints 3"
"Patina Handpaints" • "Totally Tropical 4"

Riley Blake Designs' "Primavera"


Week of February 6, 2017
— Winner, Winner —

Our January Winner of the "Take-No-Bag-And-Take-A-Chance-For-A-$10-Store-Credit"
drawing is Peggy H. Congratulations!

— Tips of the Week —

(This series is made possible by submissions of various Quilter's Quest 2016 bus riders.)
Pressing Aid to Open Seams:
Purchase a 1" to 1 1/2" half dowel.  Sand ends and cover with batting and cloth for more comfort. Works without cover and available commercially for about $12.00 (at Bear's Paw Fabrics, it's $9.99 for 18" & $7.99 for 9").
Soap?:  Idea from a friend:  Save ends of soap bars. Good for marking quilts.
Submitted by Kathleen A.
Chop Chop:  Rinse off chop-sticks, make a sharp point (I use a razor blade).  I use these instead of the very sharp stiletto's, and you won't prick your fingers.
Submitted by Judy B.

— New Arrivals —

   Northcott's "Naturescapes"


    Bali Watercolors    

Week of January 30, 2017
— Tips of the Week —

(This series is made possible by submissions of various Quilter's Quest 2016 bus riders.)
For pin basting
with straight pins, you can use Frost King foam insulation roll, 3/8" diameter, cut into 1 inch lengths to secure the pins. 
Less expensive than the silicone tips and works just as well. 
Submitted by Casey C.
Prewash fabric you plan to use with fusibles.  Sizing in some fabrics will prevent the fusible from adhering. 
(Also prewash for colorfastness.)
Submitted by Carol Ann F.

— New Arrivals —

  Drip Drop Patterns
March Luck
Bit of Blarney Patterns
Happy Hearts
Ms. Violet Bunny Patterns


   Loralie Designs' "Bias Stripe" & "Calico Plaid"  

  Quilting Treasures' "Harmony"  

Week of January 23, 2017
— Tips of the Week —

(This series is made possible by submissions of various Quilter's Quest 2016 bus riders.)
Folding Fat Quarters:
I use a six snap tote rolling cart for storing my fat quarters.  I sort them by color into each snap tote.  Each tote is clear plastic which allows me to see the color from across the room.  It's like a little rainbow of fat quarters! I have found that folding the fat quarters in a particular way helps them to fit snugly in the tote.  This is how they are folded. The first fold is along the length (folded, it measures 9 x 22).  Then the length is folded in half (folded it measures 9 x 11). The next fold is the width, in half (folded, it measures 4.5 x 11).  The last fold is in thirds so the folded fat quarter measures about 3.5 x 4.5.  The 3.5 inch height fits nicely in the tote. I love pulling a tote and shopping through my fat quarters for fabric to make the latest Splendid Sampler block!

Splendid Sampler!  It is a 100 block sampler of 6.5 inch square mystery blocks being released at the rate of 2 per week.  The designers of the blocks are all famous designers, and the blocks include pieced, paper pieced, English paper pieced, appliqué and embroidered designs. It started in February and will run until  March 2017. You can sign up to get an email of the blocks as they are released. The best thing is that it is all FREE!  If you go to the web site you can download all the past blocks, all the bonus blocks, all the bonus projects until March of 2017!  Yes, we are currently on Block #78, but you could start now, download the earlier blocks and just keep on working on them a block or two at a time. Or maybe you just like the embroidery blocks, or just the applique blocks; there is something for everyone here!  Here is the link: It is fun, and I have a new friend in Alabama as a result of the Sampler.  She and I text photos of our blocks as we finish them!  Hers are in pinks and browns, and mine are in every color!
Submitted by Casey C.

— New Arrivals —

Sevenberry: Canvas

Patina Handpaints - Grass

Patina Handpaints - Astral

  Elementals Collection: Landscapes 2

Creative Cross-Body Bag
Cut Loose Press

Creataive Grids Half-Square 4-in-1
 Patchwork Shamrock
Table Runner
Vintage Blessings March

  Kimberbell Basics  

Urban Zoologie

Batiks by Mirah

— Customer Project —

Quilt by Annette D.


Week of January 16, 2017
— Tips of the Week —

(This series is made possible by submissions of various Quilter's Quest 2016 bus riders.) 
Washing Fabric:  I wash everything before I put it away, using hot water and a color catcher.  Then fabric goes in the dryer at a hot setting.  This way you eliminate problems with potential bleeding and shrinkage.  As soon as the fabric is dry, I take it out of the dryer and fold it to reduce wrinkles.  I don't iron until I am ready to use the fabric.  That way, if I drop dead tomorrow, look at all the ironing I've avoided!
Folding Yardage:  I match selvage to selvage right side out, and shift slightly back and forth to find the approximate straight grain and fold the remainder of the length this way.  Then I fold a second time bringing the selvage to the fold line all along the length.  The fabric now measures about 11 inches by whatever yardage you bought.  Starting at one end and on the side without the selvage showing.  I fold about 6 inches over so that the selvage is now showing on the 6 inches.  Then I keep folding it to the end, almost like a small bolt of fabric.  The last thing is to use a pigma pen to write the yardage on the selvage at the end which should be face up.  In this way, months later when I get around to my project, or if I am selecting yardage for a project, I know it is ready to go and I know how much I have.  If I use some but not all, I note the remainge yardage on the selvage before it goes back in the stash.
Submitted by Casey C.

— New Arrivals —

  "Journey of the Heart"
also by Crane Design
Applique Candle Mat
& Matching Coasters


Centenary Collection 21th Printed by Yoko Saito 

Windham Fabrics' "Curious Dream"

Week of January 9, 2017
— Winner, Winner —

Our December Winner of the "Take-No-Bag-And-Take-A-Chance-For-A-$10-Store-Credit"
drawing is Phyllis G. Congratulations!

— Tips of the Week —

(This series is made possible by submissions of various Quilter's Quest 2016 bus riders.) 
Maintenance for Your Iron: 
For Exterior Cleaning - unplug your iron, use a clean cloth or cotton pad dipped in white vinegar.  Wipe the soleplate until you have removed all residue on the surface.  If you have burn marks or extra build up, make a paste by adding baking soda and spread it on the surface. Use a brush and gently clean the soleplate, do not however use any type of wire brush as it may cause damage to the surface. Use a cotton swab for the steam vents and remove any remaining vinegar with a damp cloth.  Heat the iron on a low setting and give it a test run. Repeat the process if necessary.  For Interior Cleaning: Empty the water from the iron's reservoir.  Fill the reservoir with equal parts water and vinegar, then turn the iron on and steam for 5 minutes.  Dump the remaining liquid out and fill it with distilled water then steam to remove any traces of the vinegar solution. Wipe off with a clean cloth.

Submitted by Dee M.

— New Arrivals —

Bali Sundrenched "Color Wash Poppy & Sunshine" and "Ray of Light Tangerine"

A few Dear Stella Coordinated Collections
(We have some quilt pattern ideas in the store for you.  Come in and check them out.)

  Toscana & Radiance  

"Funny Bunnies"
"Chicky Chicks"


Super Satchel - 13" x 13"

Come in to see the beautiful Cork Fabric in 1 Yard Rolls at 27" Wide
Project Ideas:  Purses (see "Classy Lass" Wristlet pattern above), Wallets, Key Chains/Fobs,
Laptop/iPad Cases, Belts, Brief Cases, even Bow Ties. 
Mix and match with cotton fabric.