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Weeks of December 12, 19 & 26, 2016

— New Arrivals —
Have Yourself a Crabby Christmas!!!
with Andover's "Crab Shack" fabric
a beautiful digital collection
Please check back here for new inventory at the beginning of the year.
Happy Holidays!

(The "Tips of the Week Series" will return at that time as well.)


Week of December 5, 2016
— Announcement —
For your convenience we have opened our new Online Store.  Currently, we are providing kits, most of which are Bear's Paw Fabrics exclusives. We will be providing items from other departments in the near future.  We hope you will check it out frequently to be the "first on the block" to get new stuff.

— Winner, Winner —
Our November Winner of the "Take-No-Bag-And-Take-A-Chance-For-A-$10-Store-Credit"
is Catherine W. Congratulations!

— Tips of the Week —
(This series is made possible by submissions of various Quilter's Quest 2016 bus riders.)

Tip # 1: I made tiny templates out of scrap fabric and stuck them to a "lint roller" adhesive sheet so that I would remember where the pieces go.
Tip # 2: I scanned all 3 templates (reducing the size) and glued it to the inside of my portable sewing case so that I know the order in which to place the blocks.
3 x 5 card Tip
Tip # 1: Use a 3x5 card as a template for drawing a perfect 1/4 in line to be used for hand piecing small shapes. Use a sharp scissors or knife to cut out the center of the card.
Tip # 2: Use a 3x5 card to get a perfect scant quarter inch. Lower your needle unto a line on a 3x5 card. Find the line just to the right of the line that the needle is on.
That is where you want the edge of your fabric to be when you stitch, keeping the edge of the fabric just a tiny tad inside of the line—to the left of the line.
Applique Tip
Using a sharpie marker, draw applique design on a ZipLock bag. Use the bag for placement of designs. Store everything for the project inside of the bag.
Cutting/Sorting Strips from Scraps
While cutting up scraps into 2 1/2 in, 2 in, 1 1/2 in, 1 in strips, use a silverware tray to sort the strips. Works great.
String Piecing
Use pages from a telephone book to piece strings of fabric. Draw your design on the paper, sew one string at a time and press away from the stitching.
This allows you to use even the tiniest pieces for points, etc.
Use Painters tape to mark the location of a hem on delicate fabrics. It stays in place and doesn't damage the fabric like pins.
Use a Coffee Mug to hold your "Clover Iron" so it doesn't tip over.•
Submitted by Kim M.

— New Arrivals —
Tulip Opaque Rainbow 15 Pak Crayola Coloring Pillow Panel

- Customer Project -
Nechama C. recreated Bear's Paw Fabric's
2015 Quilter's Quest Quilt.
It was quilted by Kim Komet.
Great Job!!!!

Week of November 28, 2016
— Tips of the Week —
(This series is made possible by submissions of various Quilter's Quest 2016 bus riders.)
1. Batiks are a great way to showcase design elements in floral and abstract fabrics. You don’t always have to stick with one particular line of fabric.
2. To break up the boldness of a print consider using small, geometric designs instead of using a solid, blending color.  This can add a lttle more interest, depth and texture.
3. It is better to read the entire pattern before beginning a quilt.  Don’t jump around.  Not all important information is given on the first page.
4. If your machine comes with a standard throat plate with a large hole, consider purchasing a straight-stitch plate. Large holes are designed to accommodate needle movement for decorative stitches. When doing small piecework for quilts, fabric can be pushed by the needle into this hole, causing the machine to jam.   A straight-stitch plate has a smaller hole and can eliminate this from happening.
5. Light tables are very handy for tracing a pattern onto fabric.  However, they can be very expensive, so why not make your own?  Use a glass table or place a piece of Plexiglas over a dining table which has been opened for insertion of its extension leaves. Place a lamp underneath the glass or Plexiglas.   Place the pattern on the glass or Plexiglas and the fabric over the pattern.  Another option is to tape the pattern to a daylight window and tape the piece of fabric over it.  Then use a pencil to lightly trace around the pattern.
Submitted by Lucia B.

Robert Kaufman's "Frances Firefly" Quilt Kit

Wilmington Prints'
"From The Chateau"

In The Beginning Fabrics'
"Floragraphix Batik 3"

Ribbons & Tape

Week of November 21, 2016
—Tips of the Week—
(This series is made possible by submissions of various Quilter's Quest 2016 bus riders.)

• When attaching binding, use thread in the bobbin that contrasts with the backing. This makes it easier to see when hand sewing the binding to the back. The contrasting thread will not be visible, since it becomes hidden under the binding. Submitted by Bonnie M.
• Use a serger to assemble (sew) quilting squares. Submitted by Christine T.
• For help with free-motion quilting, you can draw a design on freezer paper, iron onto quilt and stitch right over the design. Submitted by Patti Q.
• I like to sew as much as I can then do all the ironing at once. I find it to be more efficient than flip-flopping from machine to iron and back to machine. Submitted by Joyce F.

— New Arrivals —
  Blank's "Takeout"  

  Blank's "Starlet"  

  Hoffman Fabrics "Bali Watercolors"  

  Parkside Fabrics' "Mirah"  

Week of November 14, 2016
—Tips of the Week—
(This series is made possible by submissions of various Quilter's Quest 2016 bus riders.)
1. When hand sewing I have an empty plastic gum container (Ice Breaker Lg. size) ... I use to put snips of thread and material in.
2.  I like to cut out all pieces or blocks before I start to sew. To keep everything in it's place I put each block into a plastic storage bag and label it with a sticky note.
3.  When auditioning colors before cutting material I draw the block and use colored pencils to fill in various colors.
4.  When hand sewing I will thread 3 or 4 needles onto the spool of thread.  I will thread one needle at a time by pulling out the desired length of thread and leaving the other needles on the spool with the thread through the eyes of the remaining needles. Save times and frustration.
Submitted by Andrea N.

— New Arrivals —
  6" Heart Holder with Dowel

  Robert Kaufman's "Dash"  

  Robert Kaufman's "Marks"   
"Marks" Panel

 Robert Kaufman's


  Robert Kaufman's "Sevenberry: Canvas Prints 2 X-Wide"    

Robert Kaufman's "Essex Yarn Dyed"

Robert Kaufman's "To The Point"

Andover's "Heartwood"


  Studio-E's "Bunny Tale"  
  Studio-E's "Bunny Tale" Panel
Studio-E's "Fun ABC" Studio-E's "Wash Day"  Studio-E's "Fun ABC"


Swirly Girls' Patterns

Week of November 7, 2016
We are in the midst of our shop hop, "Quilter's Quest" which runs from
November 4 to November 13, 2016.
It's a great time for all of us and for those partaking in the trek.
We have lots of kits, fabric and sewing tools for the event
and will have a lot of the same for you after the hop.
Also, stay tuned for new arrivals next week.
— • —
We like to share an email from one of our customers
regarding Quilter's Quest:

Casey C.
Date: November 8, 2016 at 6:11:06 PM EST
Subject: Re: Quilter's Quest


Feel free to circulate this email.

This will be my fifth year on the Bear's Paw bus for Quilters Quest, and the reason I keep coming back is that it is so much fun!  You get to visit 10 shops each with its own personality, quilt samples, fabrics, patterns, deals, etc.  Trust me, they are each as different as the countries of Europe! Walking through each shop is like Christmas morning; ten times! Plus, your bus monitors do all the work like finding the scavenger item and getting your passport stamped so you get all of the benefits and do none of the work. The lunch provided is fresh and just what you ordered, and Judy has always provided lots of drinks and snacks for the ride.  And don't be shy about signing up if you don't know anyone else who is going; I did not know anyone the first year and quickly made friends.  After all, quilters are the nicest people I know!

The best part is you don't have to do any driving!  I usually spend my time between stores having Show and Tell with my seat mate about our purchases.  We also look out for each other for that elusive bolt of must have fabric. The cost is no more than you would pay in gas driving around to all the stores, but you will enjoy shopping more because you won't be tired from driving! 

And there is a free quilt pattern from every shop, that's 10 free quilt patterns! And many of the shops offer a discount all year for those who get the tote bag for finishing the Quest. Between the patterns, the tote bag and the lunch, this trip pays for itself!

So hurry and sign up before all the seats are gone!  You will have more fun than you can imagine and like me, begin looking forward to the next year's Quest almost the same time you are getting off the bus the second day :-)

Hope I see you Friday!
Casey C.

— Customer Project —
Thread Painting project done by Sue M.  She is new to the medium and we are stunned at her innate ability.
Front View Close up Back View